American Meetings Network Prime Member: Soliman Productions

Meet our Prime Supplier: Soliman Productions

Our Prime Supplier Member, Soliman Productions joined The American Meetings Network as Prime Supplier in 2018 and they are already seeing the benefits of becoming a Prime Member Supplier in The American Meetings Network by meeting 1:1 with AMI’s Meeting Planners and Sourcing Managers at Global Procurement Day.

About Soliman Productions: Video with a vision

Your event is a year-round opportunity to capture and create cohesive marketing material that include video and photography. From script writing, show flow, pre-produced content, on-site video and photography, content capture, live streaming and much more, Soliman Productions is your one-stop shop for strong visuals that tell your association’s story.

We have the technology, the experience and the expertise to help your organization craft video content that tells your story and builds a platform for organizational growth.

The power of video stems from its ability to build connection and trust. From our social media video expertise, to our content curation at events, Soliman Productions is the trusted partner for the age of digital video.

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