American Meetings Network Prime Member: The AV Agency

Meet our Prime Supplier: The AV Agency

Our Prime Supplier Member The AV Agency joined The American Meetings Network and they are already seeing the benefits by meeting 1:1 with AMI’s Meeting Planners and Sourcing Managers at Global Procurement Day.

About The AV Agency: See and Heard: Create an Experience with the Right AV.

There are events and then there are EVENTS! What’s the difference? It’s the event av experience. And, what creates an experience is sound and visuals, made awesome by your knowledgeable audio visual team.

The easiest, most convenient way to create your audio and visual experience is to partner with the experts at The AV Agency. We can take care of all your event AV needs. Be confident in your audio-visual production choice. With us on your team, you can create an unforgettable corporate audio visual experience setting you apart from the crowd!

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