5 Ways to Keep Donors Engaged at Your Next Event

When you and your corporate meeting planner discuss the goals of your upcoming event, engaging with event attendees and providing a positive and memorable experience are probably at the top of the list.  However, you may want to place more emphasis on engaging with a specific group: your donors.  This is especially important for events that include some type of fundraising element where the contributions of donors play a big role in determining overall success.

Most donors are willing to part with their funds to support a cause they deem worthy.  This brings them a measure of personal satisfaction.  However, they have many options for how and when they make donations, and it doesn’t hurt to ensure that they get something extra for their generosity as a way to thank them and encourage future contributions.

When donors attend events, you want to give them their money’s worth, so to speak, and this means keeping them engaged with your brand and the event to create a positive and lasting impression.  How can you and your global meeting planner ensure this level of engagement?  There are a few strategies you may want to employ.

  1. Push reminders and notifications.  You and your corporate meeting planner can connect with donors before, during, and after events via social media as a way to build excitement, deliver pertinent information, create a community dynamic, and generally build engaging relationships.  When donors connect with event social media pages, you have the opportunity to promote your upcoming event, highlight previous events, and ensure that they always have their finger on the pulse of event happenings so they never miss out.
  2. Live stream with the help of your corporate meeting planner.  Not every donor will be able to attend your event, but that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the experience you’re providing.  When you offer live streaming of activities, you allow donors to remain engaged remotely while providing motivation to attend future events.
  3. Utilize gamification.  Says Josie Rubio, Director of  HR & Global Talent Acquisition, “Crafting a uniquely engaging experience is made easier when event attendees choose to participate. Adding elements of gamification like contests, leader boards, prizes, and more paves the way for engagement, sharing, and FOMO for those that don’t participate.”

People want to be involved, and when you add experiential elements like games, you facilitate a much greater level of immersion.  Of course, you and your global meeting planner can go the extra mile to create unique experiences targeted for donors, such as raffles and auctions that allow them to compete even as they contribute.

  1. Create opportunities for sharing and mementos.  Social currency is more important than ever in the connected, virtual space, and you and your global meeting planner can deliver chances for donors to gain social currency by sharing their experience.  Hashtag contests, photo booths, and selfie stations are all great ways for donors to share socially, as well as create lasting memories.
  2. Work with your global meeting planner to offer branded swag.  Everyone likes to get something for free, and honoring your donors with exclusive swag is bound to add to the overall experience.  You and your corporate meeting planner should offer branded memorabilia like promotional items and prizes that show your gratitude, commemorate the experience, and keep you in donors’ minds long after the event.
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