15 Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Meeting or Event

green-meetingsAt AMI we are passionate about meetings and events.  We understand the powerful impact of people coming together for a common purpose.  As an organization we’ve worked to understand the environmental, social and economic impact of our work with clients.  We are especially aware of the impact on the environment that our attendee travel produces.

In celebration of Earth Day 2016 on Friday April 22, AMI has been working on ways to reduce the impact of our meetings and events on the environment.  Together with our clients and supplier partners, whenever possible, here are a few ways we work to reduce the impact of our meetings and events on the environment.

1- Use certified green hotel partners.

2- Use airline partners that recycle their waste.

3- Incorporate webcast meetings to reduce the # of travelers.

4- Work strategically to secure venues that are within walking distance of each other

5- Plan shared rides for attendee’s when necessary to move back and forth.

6- Use an event registration app rather than printing out lists for registration staff or programs for attendees.

7- Use post-consumer recycled paper for invitations when physical invites are needed.

8- For menu selections use local and seasonal fruits, vegetables, wine, beer, cheese, flowers and plants.

9- Create signature cocktails that take advantage of local and seasonal ingredients.

10- Choose cans for soda’s and beer because aluminum is easily recyclable.

11- Donate leftover food to a local soup kitchen so nothing goes to waste.

12- Offer compost and recycling bins that are easily visible and clearly marked throughout the event venue.

13- Offer pens, pencils and notepads made from recycled paper.

14- Provide attendees with pitchers of tap water versus bottled water to cut back on recycling.

15- Incorporate electronic signs rather than having them printed.

Planning meetings and events is our passion.  We’re also passionate about protecting our environment.  Therefore, increasing the awareness of the impact our meetings and events have on the environment is one of our corporate sustainability goals.  American Meetings is committed to reducing this environmental impact.   Working in partnership with our clients we will continue to move towards this goal.

Happy Sustainable Planning!

For more information, or help with a meeting or event, contact bd@amiwebstaging.wpenginepowered.com or call American Meetings, Inc. @ 866-337-7799

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