5 In-Person And Virtual Team Building Activities That Inspire

Whether your employees are still working remotely, they’ve moved to a hybrid working schedule, or they’re back in the workplace full-time, managers are working overtime to find ways to keep team members motivated and engaged. No matter your situation, we’ve got you covered with these five fun activities to inspire virtual, hybrid, and in-person teams.

1. Mixology & Virtual Happy Hour

Mixology and Virtual Happy Hour

Approximate Event Time: 1.5 hours
Event Type: Virtual Team-building Activity

The elements of a well-made cocktail work much like a team—it’s all in the mix. The mixology virtual team-building activity is designed as a team bonding happy hour, ideal for welcoming new hires.

How It Works 

Participants receive cocktail/mocktail kits that include premium ingredients to craft a top-notch beverage of their choice. They then attended a virtual happy hour where they are dazzled by a top-rated mixologist who shows off tricks of the trade, creating colorful elixirs.

After the demonstration, participants are instructed on how to mix their own craft beverages using the ingredients they received. While creating their concoctions, participants answer fun trivia questions. With a drink in hand, participants can close out the event in private virtual lounges to show off their cocktails and socialize with other employees.

2. Virtual Chocolate Truffle Making

Virtual Chocolate Truffle Making

Event Time: 1.5 hours
Event Type: Virtual Team-building Activity

Who doesn’t like chocolate? This fun virtual team-building activity teaches participants how to make an award-winning truffle recipe.

How It Works

A confection expert specializing in truffles teaches participants how to make this delectable dessert. Participants are sent all of the ingredients and instructions for making truffles at home. The expert baker walks the participants through making the truffle recipe step by step. Participants are encouraged to attend the event in their kitchen and actually make the truffles during the event. During the demonstration, the guest baker shares baking tips and entertains the audience with a food trivia game. This event is perfect for including family members to join in on the fun too.

3. Virtual Cookie Decorating

Virtual Cooking Decorating

Event Time: 1 hour
Event Type: Hybrid Team-building Activity

One of the best things about the holidays is sweet treats. Here’s an idea to turn cookie decorating into a friendly competition among co-workers.

How it Works 

For this hybrid team-building activity, participants are sent plain sugar cookies, various edible decorations, and a theme for decorating. This event is perfect for holding during lunch hour and in an office area where teams can work together to decorate their cookies. Choose someone with a knack for cookie decorating to lead the event via teleconference, provide encouragement, and share tips and tricks.

Once participants are finished decorating their cookies, they take photos and post them to an event #hashtag on social media. The cookies are judged by either a select panel or by their peers. Winners received an award.

Not only is this a fantastic team-building event, but great social media engagement activity for the company.

4. Virtual or In-Person Art Class

Event Time: 1.5 hours
Event Type: Virtual or In-Person Team-building Activity

How it Works 

Bring together in-person and virtual employees with a fun art class! The beauty of team-building art classes is that they’re super flexible and can be tailored to each individual group. For in-person attendees, all you need is someone to lead the session, a free space, and a whole bunch of art materials. For virtual attendees, send the materials to their homes before the event, get them to dial in via video call to watch the leader, and let them participate from home.

Fun examples of team-building art classes include self-portraits, still life (don’t forget to focus the camera on the assembled items for your virtual attendees!), collages, watercolor, or let your imaginations run wild with some out-there abstract art. For a bit of extra fun, why not create an “exhibition” of the finished artwork so everyone can vote for their favorite? Your winning artist can then be awarded a prize – and as an added bonus, you have plenty of new art to decorate your workspace!

Even those who haven’t touched a paintbrush since school will inevitably find themselves having fun!

5. Human Bingo

Event Time: 15 minutes
Event Type: In-Person Team-building Activity

How it Works 

This is a great activity for relatively new teams or those who may have only just returned to the workplace after working remotely. It gets people talking to colleagues they may not usually cross paths with, and it’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other. It is also a relatively quick activity, so can take place at the start of a meeting or when you’re short on time.

The premise is simple. Everyone is given a bingo card with a series of statements, such as “Has green eyes,” “Has a pet parrot,” “Has worked here for 10+ years,” and “Plays the cello” – these will be tailored to the team. Participants are then told to stand up and move around the room to discover which of their colleagues check the boxes and mark them off on their cards. The first person to find which statement matches which colleague shouts “Bingo!” and is declared the winner.

This makes the most of the in-person environment, and if you get everyone to submit their “facts” about themselves before the meeting, this is a budget-friendly, easy activity to set up. Win-win!

Need a Team Building Idea to Spark Motivation for Your Team?

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