Travel Uncertainty Calls for Virtual Meetings

According to The New York Times, the Coronavirus is costing businesses billions of dollars. Insurance designed to help businesses when operations stop is limited to those caused by building damage, not viral outbreaks. This means many of these companies who have canceled tradeshows, events, and conferences are taking huge financial loses.

Virus pandemics are never predictable, and being smart and safe must always take precedence, however, a business must still be done. Virtual meetings can be used as a backup measure, or as a standard protocol, to hold global meetings regardless of what’s happening in the world.

When travel uncertainty comes into play, whether from natural disasters, acts of terrorism, viruses, or other global catastrophes, virtual meetings can keep business moving forward, with attendees safely and actively present online.

Creating an Agile Event Strategy

Virtual Meetings and Events are an agile solution for transitioning live events into online ones in order to reduce losses and ensure participation by as many people as possible, regardless of travel restrictions. Virtual Meetings, as part of your event strategy, are a smart solution.

Branded webcast experiences are easier than ever to create with secure, interactive capabilities. Use live, on-demand, or pre-recorded videos to reach a large group for conferences, town hall meetings, company announcements, product launches, sales meetings, and more. Expensive equipment and expertise aren’t required, yet results are professional and TV quality.

Customized Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are customized to your requirements for branding and high-quality audio and video streaming capabilities on a variety of devices, anywhere in the world.

Registration and attendance data, audience behavior and engagement and integration with CRM makes virtual meetings more powerful than ever before in reaching attendees. Hundreds of reports are also available to meet team needs.

If business is too important to lose to travel uncertainty, consider how virtual meetings could help mitigate costs while still providing an excellent user experience.

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