5 Ways to Break Through Your Annual Sales Goals in The Meetings Industry

Surpass your quarterly metrics by meeting with event planners directly

Follow these 5 key points to hit your annual sales goals.

  1. Market Direct to Planners – Get your brand out there! Prime Members receive a featured directory listing on the American Meetings Network. Access more than 50K meeting planners on AMI’s premier MICE supplier and meeting planner procurement platform. Prime members also have the opportunity to take advantage of digital marketing opportunities to promote key messages and branding for your company to a highly curated database of meeting planners and event professionals.
  2. Network – Attend AMI’s (Live & Virtual) ENGAGE! 1:1 matchmaker conference(s) are a proven method of driving sales! Network and plan for the year ahead. Hear relevant and timely keynotes, meet other members and get insight from active meeting and event planners as well as AMI’s clients and partner planners!
  3. Get Digital – Our digital team has never been more vital, providing amazing products for both live and virtual events to increase engagement and create an event worth remembering. Creating video content and digital marketing reels is an easy and effective way to promote your brand and can be promoted successfully within The American Meetings Network.
  4. Go Virtual – Virtual platforms, engagement tools, and meeting technologies have taken the world by storm! Virtual solutions for video-conferencing, virtual meetings, sales presentations, conference calls, matchmaker meetings, trade shows, expos, and more, AMI’s global sourcing teams amplify our clients’ virtual meetings to new levels using a wide variety of suppliers who are Prime Supplier members of The American Meetings Network.

  1. Stay Connected – AMI’s strategic procurement platform, The American Meetings Network, allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry and be the first to know when our global sourcing teams are looking for Prime Suppliers like you. The American Meetings who are looking for exactly what you offer.

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