The Evolution of Virtual Meetings as B2B Events Emerge from the Pandemic

In this podcast episode of Destination on the Left Podcast, AMI Founder Andy McNeill talks about the evolution of virtual meetings as the event industry emerges from the pandemic. From the economic downturns of 9/11, the 2008 recession, and now COVID-19, Andy understands the highs and lows of the industry and how to shift and even grow during them.

What is trending for B2C events and how is it different from B2B meetings? Get answers to that and learn why Andy believes that hybrid meetings (live events with virtual elements) are here to stay. Find out how suppliers are meeting new demands with creative meeting solutions. Hear about the trends hotels are following and what is needed in order to provide the live event safety and security participants will be looking for. And finally, get ideas on how destinations and convention and visitor bureaus (CVB’s) are being innovative with virtual meeting technology and how they are “creating space” to promote their destinations.

As Andy McNeill indicates, “There’s no question that if you want to be able to compete, you want to be able to play in this new normal.”

If you are a destination, global meeting planner, or supplier, this podcast will inspire ideas and bring you up to date on future trends from a 30+ year industry veteran who actually grew the business in 2020. Create amazing virtual meetings with a wider reach and lower cost than in-person events. Start by getting inspired by listening to the latest episode of Destination on the Left Podcast featuring Andy McNeill. Listen here.

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