AMI Is Attending SAP Ariba Live

American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) is pleased to announce our participation at SAP Ariba Live event in Las Vegas March 5-7, 2018. This event is an opportunity to learn and grow within our industry, developing new skills, resources, and network connections that allow us to provide the best possible services to our procurement partners moving forward.

What is SAP Ariba and why is the SAP Ariba Live event valuable to AMI and its clients? Here’s what you should know about the benefits our organization hopes to gain and how we plan to pass them along to you, our valued partners.

What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a purveyor of professional software solutions focused on cloud procurement and supply chain management. Their holistic approach includes not only the logistics and transactions involved in procurement but also managing relationships with suppliers and customers to create long-term partnerships and positive outcomes.

With sensible automation, opportunities for effective communications and meaningful connections, and measures to ensure efficient and error-free transactions, SAP Ariba aims to grease the wheels of commerce and dramatically improve the procurement process through comprehensive software solutions.

What is SAP Ariba Live?

The SAP Ariba Live event is focused on procurement solutions and is intended to introduce attendees to innovative digital solutions that enhance the procurement process, as well as explore industry-specific challenges, discuss best practices, and generally provide insights that improve business organizations. Keynote speakers are selected to deliver information specific to procurement professionals and others utilizing the SAP Ariba solution, while SAP Ariba experts are on hand to help attendees explore solutions to specific problems.

What are the Benefits of Attendance?

AMI is always seeking opportunities to deepen our knowledge, develop our skill set, and take advantage of resources that are going to enhance our ability to serve our clients. In addition, AMI will be meeting with current and new procurement partners throughout the week. This is a mission we share with SAP Ariba, which is why we feel this event will provide a valuable opportunity to improve our platform and operations, creating new opportunities to better serve you when it comes to planning and executing successful events.

SAP Ariba Live includes access to industry leaders, SAP experts, and untold networking opportunities with potential business partners. We expect that the results of attending this event will be multifaceted and include developing a deeper understanding of the SAP Ariba platform, exploring digital solutions that will improve our business operations, and potentially building relationships with an expanding network of partners.

This can only help us to better serve you and ensure the most innovative, productive, and cost-effective solutions to your event planning needs. The more we learn, the more you benefit, which is why AMI continues to seek out and attend value-driven events like SAP Ariba Live.

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