Sales Tips: The Importance of Adding Value During the COVID-19 crisis.

In the wake of COVID-19, traditional face-to-face sales meetings have quickly given way to more frequent virtual interactions.

Video conferencing requires a more focused and detail-oriented approach than a typical conference call. Dressing appropriately, avoiding distractions and proper connectivity is essential, and it’s critical for you to have a backup plan should your computer crash or internet connection fail.

Most importantly – turn on your video!  If you have not been utilizing your camera on Sales calls, and recording your video conference calls to review, start today and see what a dramatic difference it will make on your sales productivity.

Another helpful tip for improving video conferencing performance – close all open browser tabs, emails, and any other programs that consume large amounts of bandwidth.

There is no single approach that serves B2B sales and marketing teams across the board. In a report about navigating the COVID-19 crisis

  1. Take a through-cycle view of customer relationships.
  2. Reinforce trust by tracking key customers’ evolving needs and standing by and defending them during their toughest times.
  3. Tailor offerings and contracts to new situations and strengthen value-proposition communication.

Research from the 2007-2008 recession shows that companies that spend carefully and strategically into a downturn grow faster once economies rebound. Industries most likely to reduce spending are the global energy and materials sector and the travel, transportation and logistics industries. The good news, is that the industries identified as most likely to increase spend are the pharmaceutical and medical device industry and technology, media and telecommunications – laser focus your attention on selling into these markets to ensure success. (Source: McKinsey Research)

Finally, adding as much value as possible is critically important – when it comes to pricing sensitivity during the COVID-19 Pandemic, remember it’s more important than ever to add value instead of cutting costs!

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