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Poken Poken 2 Poken 3Here is another new technology that our corporate meeting planners love.  We incorporated Poken recently in a technology showcase we planned for one of our clients.  It is small, simple and ideal for trade shows, conferences and any networking events you host.  Wave the device in front of the poken sticker at  your booth, and instantly exchange contact information, content, etc.  Your clients and attendees will love it!  Read more about Poken below.  Here is an excerpt from their website:

Poken is a sleek device that enables you to digitally exchange your contact details with a touch, or collect digital content that’s stored in special stickers that are called “tags“, just by touching them.

Create a digital business card with all your social network profiles, and swap it with other people simply touching pokens. Collect digital content offline (such as videos, coupons, brochures, photos), and have it all organized and available online.

Poken ignites conversations, makes networking simple and fun, and creates an engaging experience for people to collect promotional literature at events.

Choose among 30 eye-catching pokenSPARK designs, the sleek black and white look of the pokenPULSE, or customize the devices’ caps with your brand.  Check it out at!

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