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Tradeshow Customer Conversion Case Study

Description of Client

World leader in the selling of vitamin and protein supplements

The Challenge

This internationally-renowned brand has long had a presence at the world’s largest fitness expos; however, their strategy of how to convert tradeshow attendees to in-store clients had stagnated. While collecting data on over 260,000 participants at its booths annually, this AMI client needed a sound strategy to increase sales with this marketing investment. Tradeshow conversions to in-store direct sales where critical and needed to be measured. What program could AMI implement to move these leads in to the sales column?


AMI met with the senior marketing team in charge of tradeshow strategy, the social media director and director of marketing for in-store sales. The group brainstormed marketing triggers that would work for this potential client base. With over 100 fitness expos in 65 markets, AMI was challenged with developing a plan that was both systematic in its process, but flexible enough for regional managers to customize at the local level. AMI began by redesigning how the data capture process was taking place at the expos. This also allowed the data to be real-time and shared with regional marketing managers instantly. Having the information real-time allowed for regional promotional e-mail coupons to be generated for respondents to take the coupon to their local store within 10 days of the expo. To receive the coupon, potential clients were required to answer three short survey questions and provide their current contact information greatly improving the marketing data. With the coupon, AMI could report back within two weeks the amount of redemption. AMI also expanded the reach of the campaign by working with the social media director to allow attendees to share the coupon through their social media networks. This would potentially expand the reach of the campaign to similar customer types who were not at the fitness expos.

Result & Impact

The program was a success on several levels. First, data was greatly improved at the collection as well as at survey redemption. The campaign reduced marketing cost updating bad records by 22%. Secondly, the coupon program was a resounding success. Not only did 34% of respondents download the in-store coupon, 17% brought the coupon in to the store for purchase. This allowed the marketing team to quantify its ROI on their tradeshow investment. The program was implemented in 2012 and is still active today because of its resounding success. Because of our three year stellar performance on this initiative as well as several other projects with this client, AMI has been awarded a multi-year master service agreement with the client organization.

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Tradeshow Customer Conversion Case Study