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Promotional Speaker Meeting Case Study

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Promotional Dinner Meeting Case Study

Name of Program:

Promotional dinner meeting during association conference

Description of Client:

Mid-sized pharmaceutical company

The Issue:

Our client received FDA approval for a new product 10 days prior to the major association conference in their therapeutic area (the conference had attendance of over 30,000). The firm made a strategic decision to host a last minute promotional dinner meeting to introduce the approved drug to a group of targeted key physicians. The timeline was condensed with recruitment and planning of only 10 days. The company would be vying for physicians’ time during this very busy conference. How would AMI develop a strategic marketing plan on behalf of our client to deliver these top tier KOLs?

Scope of Program:

AMI was contracted to coordinate the dinner meeting directly with the association to gain approval on the activity. We worked with the association to determine a timeslot that did not interfere with any association-sponsored activities. The target list of invitees was 200 top tier physicians. AMI also was asked to invite, manage and coordinate the faculty member who would present the data and introduce the new product. In addition, AMI was responsible for the following meeting requirements:
  • Recruitment
  • Concept design and collateral production
  • Faculty recruitment and management
  • Audiovisual production and staging
  • Venue sourcing and contracting
  • Develop a branded medically relevant educational item
  • F&B management
  • On-site staffing support: With such a tight timeframe, the team had to search and gain approval from the association on a specific location for the dinner. Of course this had to be done prior to any recruitment and provided an additional challenge to the timeline. To ensure participation, the team implemented a recruitment plan with:
    • 4 HTML email invitations/registrations
    • Audience generation phone calls with up to six touches,
    • Fax invitation
    • Federal Express hard copy invitations

Finally, AMI teamed with the leading MedEd firm in the therapeutic to modify the “Science Story” presentation to meet the specific needs of the KOL who was presenting at the promotional dinner meeting. The exciting data was re-formatted to speak to a larger audience with enhanced charts and graphs to clearly display the message.

Role & Outcome:

The program was a resounding success. The competition for the physician’s time at the conference was significant. However, the our meeting planning team developed a strategic plan that allowed AMI to recruit 160 out of the 200 invited physicians, produce the dinner and deliver the key message. The intriguing data and the strong audience generation strategy allowed for successful.