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Online Investigator Meeting Case Study

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Online Live2Web meeting Case Study

Name of Program:

Online Live2Web investigator meeting (web-based meetings with teleconferencing capabilities)

Description of Client:

Fortune 100 US pharmaceutical firm

The Issue:

A leading pharmaceutical firm in the United States sought assistance from meeting solutions professionals to significantly reduce costs in the late phase 3 trials of their drug in the ophthalmic area. The drug had some commonly reported side effects with was making patient enrollment challenging for some sites. Further training and education was necessary for the sites, but a cost effective solution was needed from our meeting planning professionals. The firm was closing out its investigator program; data was slowing and funds were beginning to be funneled away from clinical. AMI was asked to take the existing live investigator meeting and take it on-line. How could the client still stay in touch with the investigators, provide solutions for the patient recruitment challenge and provide minor clinical data updates? How could they do this and also fulfill their regulatory requirements while reducing costs?

Scope of Program:

Our full-service meeting planners presented a Live2Web online solution for the company. We were engaged to recruit 130 investigators to participate in the online meeting in a four-week window. The goal of the program was to increase the patient recruitment by showcasing successful investigator’s methodology. The Live2Web meeting planning format also allowed the firm and investigators to communicate specific strategies to late stage sites where there were patient recruitment challenges. The online program focus included:
  • Communicating high enrolling sites successful strategies
  • Statistical analysis of correlations between subjects enrolled and demographic characteristics
  • Developing patient recruitment strategy and tactics
  • Evaluating recruitment possibilities with sites
  • Customizing patient recruitment plan/agreement
  • Re-stimulating site interest and enthusiasm
  • Overcoming subjects’ resistance to visit schedule
  • Alleviating some of the time required by study coordinators
  • Full service meeting planning services

The investigators were provided several date and time options to participate in training via AMI’s licensed software WebEx® through The data being presented was extremely important, so recruitment and participation in the Live2Web investigator meeting was crucial.

Role & Outcome:

Our corporate meeting planning professionals assembled an experienced account management team to develop a solution and manage the initiative. The engagement required AMI to transition the investigators, who were expecting to attend a live investigator meeting to the online solution. This initiative had to be complete the program by the FDA submission deadline. Our unique Live2Web approach provided considerable cost savings for the firm over $310,000 in direct pass through costs and reduced management fees. AMI did not only succeed in a 100% compliance/participation rate of the program, but beat its recruitment and execution milestone by 10 days. In part, our success was due to the blending of traditional recruitment techniques with high touch personalized elements with the online model. Technology alone can be impersonal, but AMI adds multiple personal touches throughout the process to enhance the attendee experience and facilitate recruitment. AMI succeeded in developing and implementing a significant cost savings reduction plan with only a four week window of opportunity. AMI exceeded expectations and has implemented a process to recommend Live2Web solutions to all clients, when warranted. There are times when live investigator meetings are critical; however Live2Web meetings are an effective, cost efficient solution as part of an overall investigator meeting mix.