How Meetings Will Change Post-Pandemic


As in-person events begin to come back onto our schedules, venues will be looking to provide health and safety-focused policies and procedures. These can include cancellation clauses, social distancing measures, virtual meeting add-ons, enhanced cleaning protocol, and more.

Many of these steps will be to ensure live events can still happen while also keeping participants and event staff safe. Here are some of the changes we expect to see post-pandemic.

Social Distancing Measures

It is likely that until it’s determined we are past the possible second wave, social distancing measures will be encouraged. This means venues may find themselves using larger spaces to accommodate fewer people. The cost of these larger spaces may make a live event cost prohibited, however, so new solutions will need to be developed.

Teller-style windows, remote pay stations, and technology will likely play a larger part in event management. Areas, where groups may gather, will likely be restricted or distanced, such as limiting the number of people in an elevator or separating those waiting in lines.

Heightened Sanitation

Some hotels have already announced their new health and sanitation measures. Businesses are placing hand sanitizer stations at entrances and exits to encourage personal hygiene. Many venues may require wearing masks. Additional signage about recommended or mandated safety precautions are likely to stay in place to educate participants.

Shared spaces such as taxis, registration tables, and bell carts will be wiped down more frequently. More staff trained in proper sanitation procedures are likely to be working events and may even be more visible or prominent.

Changes in Dining Options

Buffet-style meals will likely be replaced with to-go or cash and carry models. In-room dining may become a better option for those who don’t want to wait for tables at restaurants with reduced dining room capacity. Self-service options may be monitored.

Open-air and outdoor spaces will likely be more popular to help with adequate airflow.

Overall, as consumers, we will have cleaner spaces and more distance between those not in our party. Those of us in travel, tourism, and hospitality will have increased focus on sanitation and disaster preparedness as we begin to open our doors and adjust, as we always do. These new measures will evolve to create more innovation that allows us to delight guests and generate revenues for decades to come.

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