Coronavirus airplane exposure. Check out this CDC infographic to guide you.

Meeting Professionals and business travelers can spend upwards of 60% of their time, on average, on the road. As each of us navigate the Coronavirus threat, it is important to stay informed. The CDC has established the following exposure risk categories to help guide air travelers.

Photo Credit: CDC

The infographic and information is provided by the CDC for the following potential SARS-CoV-2 exposure. These categories may not cover all potential exposure scenarios and should not replace an individual assessment of risk for the purpose of clinical decision making or individualized public health management. Any public health decisions that place restrictions on a person’s or group’s movements or impose specific monitoring requirements should be based on an assessment of risk for the person or group. These risk levels apply to travel-associated and community settings. CDC has provided separate guidance for healthcare settings. All exposures apply to the 14 days prior to assessment and recommendations apply until 14 days after the exposure event.

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Travel well and be safe.

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