AMI is Selected into Capital One’s Catapult Program

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American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) is delighted to announce that they were selected into Capital One’s Catapult program.

Each year, just ten suppliers are selected from top applicants across the US to participate in a best-in-class, seven-month intensive educational program to better their organization through a variety of digital strategies.

AMI was chosen out of 180 companies for the innovation around their network of tier 2 suppliers, who support their clients’ meetings and event needs.

“We are very excited to have been chosen for a coveted spot in the Capital One Catapult program. It will provide AMI with the building blocks needed to provide a better experience for our clients worldwide.”

Andy McNeill, CEO & Founder of American Meetings, Inc.

Specifically, AMI submitted its Prime Supplier program within Meetingsoft, which maximizes value for their planners, sourcing managers, and Prime Suppliers.

The Capital One Catapult program is delivered through the use of instructional courses in Dallas, TX alongside collaborative thinking workshops, one-on-one meetings with subject matter experts, and dedicated advisors for each participating company.

Find out more about the Capital One Catapult program here.

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