5 Advantages of Using Pre-Recorded Content in Your Virtual Meetings


As virtual meetings continue to reign in the COVID-19 saga, best practices and success strategies continue to be tested and refined. One of these strategies is using pre-recorded content in your virtual meetings. Of course, the human connection is critical for engagement, and no one wants to sit and watch videos when they could be doing something better with their time, but pre-recorded content has some big benefits.

Here are 5 advantages of using pre-recorded content and how to use it successfully to gain engagement:

Using Pre-recorded Content Helps Reduce AV Issues

Pre-recorded content allows you to manage content by having it ready ahead of time preventing any issues that could come up with live-feed, sound, or video quality. Additionally, features such as captioning and translating are made significantly easier.

Using Pre-recorded Content Helps with Logistics

The virtual conference is knocking down walls, allowing participants access to events that would have been off-limits in the past due to travel expense or timing. Pre-recording guest speakers or an MC creates an even more streamlined experience when guests are in a variety of time zones or locations.

Pre-recorded Content is Reusable

Use pre-recorded content as teaser footage to increase event attendance, or offer content in bundles as upsells. Those who can’t attend can still receive valuable content, for a price, and those who did attend can relive the event by re-engaging with the recordings.

Participants can also choose to opt into several “break-outs” rather than sacrificing one for another because they are recorded and able to be retrieved and re-watched.

Pre-recording Can Help You Focus

Focus on live engagement and monitoring rather than delivery. Often participants look to engage with the speaker, and yet the chat board is blowing up with questions that either an assistant or MC is attempting to manage during the speaker’s presentation.

By pre-recording, the speaker can watch the chat and then do a live Q&A to address what was being discussed in the chat, limiting distractions and offering true engagement.

It Can Be “Perfect”

Multiple takes can be done to make sure the content is delivered precisely, and graphics and effects can be integrated seamlessly for a high-quality presentation. Transitions between speakers can be smoothed out for a professional experience, captioning can be incorporated, and more.

For your pre-recorded content to be well received, it should be done professionally and be engaging. Don’t expect participants to sit and watch the “television show” you produced without being able to interact. Leverage the benefits of pre-recording at least a portion of the event for a smooth end product that truly reaches your participants.

Overall, a blend of pre-recorded content and live streaming or other engagement tools will create the best experience for virtual meeting attendees and presenters.

To learn more about security in virtual meetings or other ways to make your next event the best it can be, contact AMI today.

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