A High Touch Experience For You and Your Attendees

Introducing American Meetings, Inc.’s New Pillar: A High Touch Experience for You and Your Attendees

In the dynamic landscape of meeting and event services, AMI stands as a beacon of values-driven excellence. Our guiding principles—Diversity, Sustainability, Innovation, and the newly unveiled High-Touch Experience—form the bedrock of our commitment to you, our clients.

Diversity, Sustainability, Innovation: A Foundation of Excellence

At AMI, our values are not just words but pillars that influence every aspect of how we operate. We embrace diversity in all its forms, recognizing that it fuels creativity and enhances our ability to provide innovative solutions. Sustainability is our promise to reduce the environmental impact of your events, aligning our efforts with your company’s values. Our commitment to innovation ensures that every meeting we plan is on the cutting edge of technology and engagement tools.

A New Horizon: A High Touch Experience

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce the fourth pillar, ‘A High Touch Experience for You and Your Attendees.’ At AMI, we take pride in delivering 100% customer-centric service that goes beyond expectations. You are never just another client; instead, you become our top priority, receiving the personalized attention you deserve.

Be Our #1, Not Just One of Many

Choosing AMI means choosing a partnership where you are our priority. Our high-touch service is the key to building enduring client relationships. We invest time in understanding the unique aspects of your organization and event needs, allowing us to tailor every element of your meeting experience precisely to your requirements. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Putting You at the Heart of What We Do

In the realm where high touch meets efficiency, AMI has mastered the delicate balance between exceptional service and operational efficiency. Over the last 20+ years, we have harnessed automated, scalable processes and the latest technologies, ensuring you get the exact experience you desire without unnecessary delays or complexity.

One-on-One Support From Your Customer Success Manager

With AMI, you are not left to navigate a revolving team. Instead, you have a dedicated Customer Success Manager who regularly reaches out to understand your challenges and needs. We are always open to feedback, ensuring that every event goes as smoothly as possible.

Robust Customer Onboarding Processes

Embarking on a new partnership with us may seem daunting, but our comprehensive onboarding programs are designed to familiarize you with our full range of services. This process is reciprocal; we want to learn as much about your organization as possible to provide the enhanced support you may not have realized you needed.

At AMI, our commitment to these guiding values, now encapsulated in the High-Touch Experience, defines who we are. We invite you to explore this new pillar, learn more about what sets us apart, the industries we serve, accolades we’ve earned, and get a glimpse into the vibrant culture that makes AMI truly exceptional. Your events and meetings deserve nothing less.


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