10 Quick Meeting Planning Tips For Your Next Program


Meetings matter.  Whether you are booking your next advisory board with your top physicians or an internal meeting for your co-workers, remember these 10 quick tips to have a successful program:

  1. Pick A Destination Where Your Attendees WANT To Go
  2. Ooh la la them!  Create a sense of anticipation
  3. Enhance Your Evening Gathering -Create a theme or provide a unique experience.
  4. Golf, Ski, Spa, Beach…-Build a little free time in the schedule
  5. Save Time and Headaches for Everyone!-Use technology to your advantage and provide registration through event software
  6. Prevent Ducking Out at Important Times- Don't plan every meal. Let your attendees have some private time. It will save you money too!
  7. Who What, When, Where, How-Give attendees easy to read information
  8. Be Prepared- Do you need audio visual equipment, catering, permits, signs…
  9.  Everyone Has a Different  Idea of FUN!-Offer a variety of activities. 
  10. Meet or Beat Budgets!-Negotiate with suppliers, services, and venues


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