Shack up your attendees with this Interactive Concept at your next Meeting,Tradeshow or Conference.

Want to create a fun and interactive activity for your attendees at your next conference or meeting? Try the Shack!

This area can be as simple as a private room space or a total production built-out studio. All you really need is a video camera.  The goal of the shack is to get your attendees to provide remarks about your conference, tradeshow, or your event. Great for Sales Meetings, New hire training, and employee events. It provides a private spot for attendees to give their feedback. Meeting Planners and event producers can edit the video into a fun closing event video or use the feedback in a more educative way as part of meeting content. Use on Social Media sites or a daily update at a large tradeshow. The choice is yours.  This is an easy and very cost-effective way to involve your meeting audience. So try the Shack, and if you need help, just call AMI for assistance!

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