Up the “Wow” factor – 10 reasons to host your next event at the One World Observatory

For the past 3 months, AMI has been planning a client meeting that was held this week at the amazing One World Observatory at the World Trade Center in New York City.  This spectacular venue’s tagline is “See Forever” and once you step foot in the space the payoff is spectacular: a 360-degree panoramic view of New York City through floor-to-ceiling windows that will literally take your breath away.

When planning an event there are many considerations for selecting the perfect space.  Cost, location, services, accessibility, and layout are just a few important variables that planners use to decide where to hold their event.  Sometimes the meeting or event requires a “wow” factor that will take the event to the next level.  This was certainly the case with our client this week in NYC.

When you need a venue that requires a visual, emotional, and physical impact then we recommend The One World Observatory in New York City.  Here are 10 reasons to choose this spectacular venue for your next meeting or event.

1-  AMAZING VIEW: On the 100th floor of the Observatory, also known as the Discovery Level, attendees experience expansive, 360-degree views in all directions, taking in the iconic sights, surrounding waters, and panoramic views of the city and beyond.

2- FRESH NEW VENUE: Many attendees are repeat meetings and event-goers.  Having a new and exciting venue helps to build excitement for your meeting and will ensure solid attendance.

3- HISTORICAL VALUE: This beautiful venue is built on the hallowed grounds of the former world trade towers.  Everyone remembers where they were on 9-11 and has the opportunity to come back to this location for an event is enticing.  Help your attendees build new memories associated with this revered location.

4- GLOBAL WELCOME CENTER: Upon entry, attendees are greeted in the Global Welcome Center, where a large video board features salutations in an array of languages, and a dynamically generated world map highlights the hometowns of visitors.

5- VOICES AND FOUNDATIONS: On top of a super venue you also get the added bonus of an attraction.  Upon entering the building, attendees experience a program titled “Voices,” which tells the personal stories of the men and women who built One World Trade Center.  Next, “Foundations” provides attendees with a close-up view of the very bedrock on which the building stands.

6- SKY POD ELEVATORS: Attendees board one of five dedicated elevators to ascend to the 102nd floor in under 60 seconds.  Immersive, floor-to-ceiling LED technology in each cab invites attendees to experience a virtual time-lapse that recreates the development of New York City’s skyline from the 1500s to the present day.

7-  SKY PORTAL: The Main Observatory features the Sky Portal.  Attendees are invited to step onto a 14-foot wide circular disc that delivers an unforgettable view, using real-time, high-definition footage of the streets below.

8-  SEE FOREVER THEATER: Attendees take in an exciting, two-minute video presentation that combines bird’s eye imagery, time-lapse shots with abstract textures and patterns to present the unique rhythm and pulse of New York City to dramatic life in three dimensions.

9-   CITY PULSE: This interactive skyline concierge allows attendees to deeply connect with the landmarks and neighborhoods they observe from above. At City Pulse, global ambassadors are stationed under a ring of HD video monitors and outfitted in gesture recognition technology, summoning imagery to the screens and providing attendees with close-up views and personalized recommendations.

10- ECO FRIENDLY: One World Trade Center is on track to be awarded an official LEED Gold Certification by the US Green Building Council. Much of the interior and exterior was built from post-industrial recycled materials and 50% of the wood in the project is from reclaimed sources. The cooling systems use reclaimed rainwater, and the lights in the offices automatically dim when the sun is brightly shining through the windows. The steam that’s leftover from the building systems also helps generate electricity.

Although this amazing event venue will increase your budget significantly the payoff with the “WOW” factor will impress your attendees and help make your meeting or event a major success.  When looking at venues in NYC we recommend the One World Observatory for a unique and spectacular space.

Happy Planning!

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