Top 5 Meeting Industry Trends in 2015

We sincerely hope you are having a successful 2014.  Like AMI, we are sure you have begun the process of
2015 Trendsplanning for next year so we thought this would be the perfect time to share with you some 2015 meeting industry insights from our corporate meeting planners.

Number 1
 Demand is trending upward
~ As the economy continues its upswing, so has meeting demand.  The window for securing your ideal 2015 meeting space is closing quickly.  Start contracting 8-12 months in advance!

NUmber 2  Expand your bandwidth ~ New meeting applications and videoconferencing technology require more robust WiFi bandwidth than many hotels currently offer.  AMI has added this to our standard RFP and is working with our clients to develop a detailed list of Audiovisual requirements in advance of contracting a venue.

Number 3  Get Engaged ~ Like everywhere else, social media and newsfeed-style platforms are infiltrating the meetings industry.  With the introduction of MeetingSoft 3.0, expect to see this format in everything from pre-planning communication to audience response to optimizing communication among onsite attendees.

Number 4  Corporate Social Responsibility ~ Not new, but certainly an exploding trend, incorporating volunteerism in team building activities is the overwhelming choice.  If you’re going to invest the funds, put it toward a good cause!

Number 5  VAT’s new? ~ Effective January 2015 a 7.5% VAT goes into effect in the Bahamas.  AMI has added this as a standard in our 2015 program budgets.

This is just a small taste of the trends we are following for 2015.  Contact your AMI project manager to learn more about how we can help you plan toward success in the coming year.

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