Top 10 Things to Know when Planning a Meeting in Brazil

With all eyes on Brazil during this World Cup Championship, our meeting planners put together their top list of do’s and don’ts when
planning a meeting in Brazil.

According to AMI CEO, Andy McNeill, “A cultural faux pas can make or break the experience for you and your attendees.  Brazil, in particular, is a beautiful country with many cultural nuances to heed.”

  1.  Summer vacations are in January and February so plan your event dates accordingly.
  2.  Security can be a concern in Brazil.  Register yourself with the U.S. State Department Smart Traveler Enrollment Program and with your embassy, and recommend that your attendees do the same.  Include security guidelines (do’s and don’ts) in your final logistical correspondence.
  3. Carnaval is the four days preceding Lent.  Avoid that time in your planning unless your event involves Carnaval as part of the experience. Prices soar during Carnaval.
  4. Visas are required for all U.S. and Canadian citizens.
  5. Purple and black are the colors of mourning in Brazil, so avoid those colors in your meeting theme and branding.
  6. In Sao Paulo, being punctual is expected.
  7. It is a standard practice for important meetings to be scheduled at least two weeks in advance and confirmed two days prior as a matter of courtesy.
  8. Modest socializing is typical before getting down to the purpose of a meeting.
  9. Plan extra time for lunches as they tend to be enjoyed over less-formal discussions of business.
  10. When using an interpreter, be sure to direct eye contact and replies to the person who asked the question, not the interpreter.

 Boa Sorte!  Good Luck!

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