“How cool is this? Catchbox. A new and innovative way to engage your next breakout”


American Meetings is always in search for latest and greatest in meetings technology, our partner, Patrick Brochu, Director of Business Development, North America with Show Technology Inc., is already implementing “Catch Box”. This is a new interactive way to encourage the audience participation.

What is “Catch Box”?  It is a throwable microphone for audience engagement and a new way to interact with the audience.

Conferences and large events are a great way for people from different backgrounds to come together to share ideas and come up with new solutions. Sadly, most of the time such events end up being boring and unproductive, with audiences left uninspired, listening to a one way monologue. With the Catchbox, organizers and speakers finally have a tool that can will help liven up events and make conferences more about participation and discussion. Not only does the device make asking questions in packed rooms faster and more feasable, the simple act of getting audiences to throw a soft cube breaks the ice and gets people to talk.

In our interview with Patrick, we discussed this new and creative idea:

Q: Why do You think this is a revolutionary idea?

A: Because it is a new and sophisticated technology that allows participants to interact in a relaxed and fun way. Also you can always customize the microphone according to your meeting’s needs.

Q: Can You describe “Catch Box”?

A: This is the only microphone inside a foam box, which make it light and safe to “throw” to the audience. This microphone does the sound by itself and it does not make any sound while is flying because it is activated by voice.

Q: What is the biggest challenge with this new technology?

A: As a new technology some of the participants may be skeptical, I thinks that all depends on the demographic of the meetings. Some people welcome very warmly to new technologies, other people think in a more conservative manner.

Q: What about pricing?

A: According to Patrick this is not an expensive technology, its price is estimated between $300.00 and $500.00, depends on the audience size and the range ratio of the room.

Patrick and his company already implemented this new technology with a success of 100% in engaging attendees.

Catch Box_2

If you are interested in implementing this new idea for your next memorable events contact AMI:

bd@americanmeetings.com/. Phone: (866) 337-7799


Happy Planning!!!

If you are interested in implementing this new idea for your next memorable events contact AMI:

E-mail: bd@americanmeetings.com/. Phone: (866) 337-7799

Happy Planning!!!

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