Go Interactive! AMI introduces the branded POKEN device for your next meeting, event or tradeshow

Looking for a way to create buzz and add some interactivity to your next conference or tradeshow? Try a branded Poken device from AMI and watch as your attendees or booth visitors “Hi-Four” each other, instantly exchanging contact information.  Described as a “social business card”, Poken are small, keychain-type accessories that allow a user to easily exchange information, such as the contact details found on a typical business card but can also include links to more than 40 social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Just touch two Poken palms together for 2 seconds and, “high4”, you’re connected! It makes exchanging contact information fun again! The fun little devices come in a variety of characters and designs and easily attach to a conference lanyard. Some benefits of using poken include:

  • Creates buzz and excitement at your meeting or event
  • Promotes fun, easy networking among attendees
  • Introduces an innovative replacement for current lead generation tools at tradeshows
  • Can provide instant access to session information and/or products (without any printing!)
  • Can provide information on speakers, sponsors and other
  • Allows export of contacts directly to MS-Outlook, Address Book or SalesForce


Download information on Poken here. Also, below we’ve included the Wikipedia entry on poken which provides a typical usage scenario of how poken work:

  1. User meets User
  2. User ‘high fours’ his or her Poken with that of the other user. Essentially holding them against each other (such that the coils inside the token are more or less aligned).
  3. The two Poken flashes green to signal that a bond was made.
  4. At home, the User plugs in his or her token into the USB port.
  5. The token is recognized as a standard (read only) disk.
  6. The user opens an HTML file from the disk (either manually, or through the AUTOSTART.INF mechanism).
  7. The HTML file contains a page which forwards the user to the Poken website. The URL forwarded to contains the Poken its unique identifier as well as the unique IDs of the most recent 64 pokens seen.
  8. The website detects any new pokens seen – and adds them to the user’s timeline and contact list.

The uses for this simple yet powerful little device at conferences are many and it appears to be an item whose applications are still being innovated. AMI is proud to be a distributor of this fun, interactive tool and we look forward to branding it for your next conference!

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