Corporate Entertainment Ideas – Step out of the Ordinary

Looking for entertainment for your next corporate meeting or event?  Our guest blogger, Reflect Digital, a UK based digital agency specializing in website design and marketing for the events industry, provides some unique ideas that our corporate meeting planners used in the past with much success:

If you’re planning on booking entertainment for your corporate meeting or event, sometimes it makes sense to choose something that’s a Paparazzi
little out of the ordinary. By being inventive with your choices as a meeting planner, you can introduce your client’s guests to the kind of entertainment that they may have never experienced before, providing them with a night that they’ll be unlikely to forget in a hurry. You do need to ensure that your bookings are likely to appeal your guests and that they are a good match for the tone and nature of the event itself, but by investigating your options and being a little edgy you can put on an event that stands out hugely from the rest.

It’s essential that the importance of entertainment isn’t overlooked when you are putting on a corporate event. Even if the venue is brilliant and the catering astonishing, but the entertainment isn’t up to scratch there’s a strong chance that this will be remembered by your guests above anything else. It’s always a good idea to see potential entertainers at work before you go ahead and secure a booking. No matter how good the act or their agent says they are, the only way that you will be able to assess their qualities is to witness them in action yourself beforehand. You should also never shy away from talking to the entertainer in-depth about who your audience is and what you’re looking for in order to diminish the chances of your event being a failure. Also, by watching the entertainer before you make a booking you can see how a crowd responds to their performance and how they interact with the audience. If seeing them in a real-life setting isn’t an option, you could instead watch footage of them online – most corporate entertainers have a robust web presence these days, and you can expect to find clips of them at work relatively easily.

Human Statue

Testimonials can be worth their weight in gold, as long as you have good reason to believe that they are genuine. A testimonial from someone who booked the entertainer for a corporate event can be very valuable when it comes to checking out feedback. There’s no doubt that audiences have started to expect entertainment to be more and more interesting and daring.  Human Statues, Celebrity look-alikes, stilt walkers and even the “Fake Paparazzi” taking photos of your guest can make for great conversation and a fantastic sense of fun.  More and more companies are booking entertainment of this nature instead of, or alongside, more conventional acts such as live bands and comedians. Acts of these types can provide a real spectacle, preventing your event from being labelled boring or ordinary. They can be booked for the purposes of Christmas party entertainment, or for any other time of year. While conventional entertainment can split opinion, out of the ordinary bookings can appeal to everyone.

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