Think unique for off-site venues at your next meeting or conference.

Off-site venues at meeting or conference

Always trying to dazzle their attendees meeting and event experts are consistently finding that next unique way to WOW their constituents. Whether planning an event around the corner or around the world, here are some ideas of unique off-site venues for your next reception, dinner or party:

  • Museums – Many Museums accept after hours buy-outs of their space. Just imagine how excited your attendees will be dining in front of world renown statues and art. Availability can be limited, especially for popular spots, so plan early.
  • Yachts – Super Yachts are great for receptions, private dinners and add the extra opportunity of an amazing tour of the local waterways. Consider this for smaller groups and is also fantastic for incentives
  •  Stadiums – Have a big group you want to impress??? light up Wrigley Field or Dolphin’s Stadium. Many stadiums are seeing the value of off-day venue rental, and believe it or not it is not as expensive as you might think. Just remember many have catering contracts in place, which may restrict the food selection, so you want to plan with the catering company well in advance.
  • Warehouses – Want rough and rustic??? Warehouses may be a great choice for coordinating an off-site event. The challenge can be warehouse don’t always have the staple services or equipment to put on an event, so you may be bringing in supplies. However, if different is what you want, this may be the choice for you.
  • Mansions & Homes – Many of the world’s greatest dwellings are vacation homes. Consider a high end mansion or home for a private party.  This is a great option for cities without strong, traditional venues like hotels and restaurants. Partner up with a great caterer and your are on your way to a truly unique event experience.
  •  Cultural Spaces – Work with the local cultural commission and find those special places in the city where you are conducting your conference. From restored historic buildings to government public spaces, like old train stations, the world is your oyster on choice. The benefit on this option can be price. Usually very affordable verses the other options, these spaces can also give attendees the real feel of the city.
  • Retails Stores – From department stores like Macy’s and Neiman Marcus, to smaller, intimate antique shops, retail is becoming a hot option for dinners and receptions. Tie in a gift card for the attendees as a unique takeaway and you will have some very happy attendees. Stores love the exposure, and often the venue will offer their space without a fee.
  • Gardens  – From local parks to botanical gardens cities love to showcase their outdoor space. Ask the local parks department what unique venues they have…you may be surprised.  Also, a very affordable option, having an outdoor event, weather permitting, is a great way to get your attendees in the open air after an all-day conference.
  • Airplane Hangers – Looking for a blank space to make your own? Try an airplane hangar. With its high walls and sprawling cement floors, hangers can be turned into almost anything. Be sure to know the security requirements at the hanger area, as you don’t want your attendees waiting in line. Consider smaller executive airports that have the space, but not necessarily the heavy security of the larger airports.

Off-site events are all about creativity. Venues are a great place to start. From very affordable to extremely expensive, there are venues for everyone. The extra work will pay off and your client and your attendees will have a wonderful memory from their event.

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