Organizing A Trade Show Booth? Try Glass Projection – An affordable way to spice up your booth at your next convention

Organizing Trade Show Booth

Hey marketing guru’s, event planners and corporate meeting professionals. Here’s a new way we are producing projections at congresses and conventions.  Let's face it. Competition is tough out there on the show floor.

You only have several seconds to impress a potential customers. This is a great way to do it. If you have an existing booth structure, glass projection is a very affordable way to spice up the booth. You can use it as a separate wall, drop it from the ceiling or make it a stand alone object. Here are some ideas of how to integrate it:

  • Show Event Schedule
  • Have Virtual Speakers
  • Showcase a product
  • Beam your newest video or commercial
  • Demonstrate your product being used
  • Have a virtual MC for your event

Glass Projection

It is a real attention grabber. Your team can use it  in a variety of ways. The great thing is the graphics can be advanced or just from standard PowerPoint. It's not about the technology but about the surface you are shooting it on, so it is affordable and creative and who does not love both of those?


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