Make a Dazzling Difference at Your Next Big Event

 For those of you in the midst of planning upcoming corporate events, sales meetings, maybe even the company Christmas party and are looking for ways to add that special touch that makes a statement … here is something completely different. Aerial Bartenders.


Imagine your attendees surprise and delight as they walk into an enchanted conference hall for their welcome reception, product launch or awards dinner to see these elegant servers floating above them. This will certainly set the tone for your event stating that this is not your average happening– this is going to be exceptional.

These aerial bartenders are professionally trained (so kids, don’t try this at home) and keep in mind that they require special rigging to allow them to soar above your heads. Visit their website to learn if are they are available in a city near you.

Partner with American Meetings for your next Conference or Annual Sales meeting. Contact us now at Happy Planning!

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