Don’t forget these In-flight budget items when planning your next event

Several weeks back American Meetings, Inc. addressed some of the ways rising gas prices are affecting the meeting planning industry. Recent findings have brought to our attention additional items that once may have had little impact, but are now adding significantly to the end cost. We wanted to share the information as they could be potentially overlooked in pre-planning and budgeting.

We’ve already touched on doing more with less and smarter meeting planning upfront. However, changes in how we fly, what’s included in the ticket price and seemingly countless in-flight extras present a new batch of challenges. The items below should be considered and corporate event management agencies should plan accordingly for:

  • Ticket change fees
  • Baggage fees
  • In-flight meals
  • In-flight snacks
  • In-flight WiFi
  • Premium seating in coach
  • Priority Boarding
  • In-flight alcoholic beverages
  • Extra legroom

Many of these may not be reimbursable but if they are, they can collectively add up and break even the best planned budget. Another option is to simply increase your budget by a recommended 10%-15% to cover these anticipated cost. Many times they are variable and not applicable to all attendees, so this should cover your in-flight expenditures. In the end, having a written travel policy is the best way for you to cover costs with your attendee. Happy Planning! 

Source: M&C Research survey

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