Tips to assist your attendees when weather impacts your corporate meeting.

Sitting there staring at her iphone, the meeting planner holds her breath as the five day forecast loads onto her device….. Can there be anything worse for you and your client when a snow storm or the latest summer weather cell is heading for your meeting location? When planning your next conference or meeting, take these tips to heart to assist your attendees as they try to get to and from your next event:

5. AFTER HOUR NUMBERS –  Provide the travel agents after hours phone number on your confirmation and logistics communication to make sure they can reach someone in case of a flight emergency. Want to be a hero in the eyes of your group? Provide your phone number as well in case of weather emergencies.

4. FREQUENT WEATHER UPDATES FOR THE MEETING LOCATION – Send daily or as warranted weather updates to your attendees. Post weather updates to your Facebook, LinkedIn and event websites.

3. ASK FOR THE HOTEL’S ASSISTANCE – Hotels with good customer service will be happy to send an all call out through their phone systems or “under the door” note for a small fee. This provides great assistance to your attendees and keeps all your meeting attendees on the same page.

2. EMERGENCY TRAVEL DESK –  If you have the staff, set up an emergency travel desk with cell phones and computers where conference attendees can come for help. Sometimes just a human to talk to will alleviate their travel stress.

1. GO LOCAL – National advisories are great but make sure you are listening to the local news. They have the fastest lane to the local weather, and will keep you up to speed. Don’t forget to utilize local airport websites which may give you the inside track on information regarding that specific airports delays and cancelations.

Just remember, weather is outside of everyone’s control, but attendees still get understandably frustrated. The best thing you can do is be empathic and provide timely information. Both will be greatly appreciated by your attendees and your client at your next meeting or conference.  Good Luck!

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