5 Major Advantages of Hiring a Corporate Event Planner

You might think you can go it alone when it comes to planning and executing your company’s next big meeting, conference, or other event.  The truth is that you could probably pull together an adequate event with only minor hiccups.  But why would you struggle to pass with an average grade when you could partner with reputable corporate event planning companies to create a truly impressive spectacle that attendees will talk about for years?

If you want your next event to draw a crowd, create FOMO, and compel attendees to sign up for future events, you’ll find that there are major advantages to hiring a global event management services company like American Meetings, Inc. (AMI) to take the reins.  Here are just a few benefits you’ll gain when you partner with corporate event planning companies.


Corporate Event Planning Companies Deliver Expertise

Unless you already have some background in corporate event planning, you probably don’t have the same level of knowledge and experience as the trained professionals at corporate event planning companies.  Neither do they have your particular expertise – they probably couldn’t step in and do your job.

The point is that you need to play to your strengths and partner with professionals that are proficient in areas foreign to you.  Says Lilia Rosenfeld, Senior Meeting Manger at AMI, “Event planners are good at what they do because they learn a lot as they go.  Constant innovation yields hits and misses, but overall it makes us better at listening to clients, offering guidance, and getting it right down the line.”

Experts Can Help You Plan and Stick to a Budget

It’s not entirely surprising event hosts lack awareness of the costs involved in planning and executing corporate events.  Why would you know the cost range for renting venues and hiring caterers and entertainers, for example?  Event management services providers, on the other hand, are well aware of related costs for the various facets of their industry and they can help you to maximize an existing budget or even create a workable budget if you’re really lost.


Event Management Services Have Connections You Don’t

Because of existing relationships and insider knowledge of costs, your partner in event management services has the leverage to negotiate in ways you would be unable to.  While you might have trouble booking a popular venue for your event date or gaining access to the hottest entertainment, your event planning company could get the job done using an established network of connections and dealing in favors.


Insider Knowledge Takes Your Event from Concept to Reality

Corporate event planning companies have the knowledge and skills to interpret your vision and translate it into a concrete plan.  While you might ask for something “edgy”, not really knowing precisely what you want, your event planning service could offer you options for utilizing current technologies to wow attendees, boost engagement, and encourage online sharing, just for example.


Assistance Beginning to End, and Beyond

An event planning expert like AMI can help you to plan and promote your event, implement logistical elements, add innovative technologies, and manage events in progress.  You’ll also get follow-up services like surveys and metrics to gauge the success of your event.  Partnering with a reliable and innovative global meeting services organization like AMI comes with so many advantages that businesses simply can’t afford to ignore.

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