12 Great Washington DC Meeting Themes

If you are holding an event in the Capital City, it can be fun to Incorporate the governmental / voting aspect into the theme. Vote during the registration process. Vote at reg. desk…Rent a voting machine and incorporate a voting experience into the message of the conference. Then give out I voted stickers when they are done. The ideas are endless. Here are some of our favorites at American Meetings!

  • “We the People”
  • “Yes, We Can!”
  • “E Pluribus Unum” (From many, we are one…)
  • “A Monumental Experience” / “A Monumental Conference” / “A Monumental Future”
  • “A Capitol Idea” “A Capitol Conference”
  • “Inside the Beltway” / “Beyond the beltway” / Thinking Outside the Beltway”
  • “Powerful Future” / “Building a Better Tomorrow”
  • “Life Liberty and the pursuit of _____” (Profits,” “Success,” etc.)
  • “We Have a Dream”
  • “The American Adventure”
  • “In Order to Form a More Perfect Network” / “In Order to Form a More Perfect Franchise”
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