What are your Clients getting this Holiday Season?

What are your Clients getting this Holiday Season?  Time to start thinking about it…

As the Holidays approach, it’s time to start thinking about what, if anything, to get your clients.  With the economic times we are in and trying to say thank you without spending too much can make for some creative decisions.  The following ideas were found in an article I was reading and thought I might pass them along.

Give unusual healthy, eco-friendly or charitable gifts to business clients this holiday season with ideas for unique corporate Holiday gifts.  Don’t want to give run of the mill gift baskets, bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates to clients this Holiday?

Unusual Eco-Friendly Gifts

Holiday is a time for giving but the majority of business gifts, which are either edible (gourmet chocolate or food baskets) or drinkable (cases of wine or champagne), are both unhealthy and do nothing to help the environment or those less well-off. Why not make a difference this year with these suggestions:

Give a donation to a non-profit group.  Make a donation in a clients name to one of many charitable organizations that either help the environment or support a local or global cause.  Many large organizations may also have a Foundation they have chosen to support.  Do a little research and ask about your clients business existing charity ties.

Healthy Corporate Holiday Gifts

For companies who want to give something personal but healthy consider the following ideas:

  • Water bottles for office staff. Good for larger companies, water bottles printed with a company logo can be purchased in volume for just a few dollars apiece. This is a great gift to give the whole company rather than just the company executives and a neat way to encourage staff to stay healthy by filling up their water bottles and drinking regularly.
  • Sponsor a weekend fitness day for the client’s staff. It could be at a spa for small numbers or at a fitness center for a larger group. Another way to give a healthy gift to the entire company rather than singling out some key individuals.
  • Healthy food baskets. If something edible is still required, make it a healthy choice by giving an exotic fruit basket, tins of herbal or green tea, rich in antioxidants or a selection of flavored olive oil. Choose a supplier who uses eco-friendly recycled packaging material rather than elaborate Holiday wrapping paper.

Traditional Business Gifts for Clients

For the more traditional client there are always many fantastic ideas. For browse some ideas for banded and non-branded Holidays gifts, visit https://brandit.meetingsoft.com/. BrandIt Amenities and Promotions allows you to browse through hundreds of manufacturers for all types of promotional products.  No matter what your budget is you can always find something and unique.

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