7 Most Popular Group Activities In Europe

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If you want to spice up your travels to Europe and go beyond the usual sight-seeing, joining group activities is something you should include in your list. Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth revisit their past trips to Europe and list down seven of the most popular and must-try activities within the major cities that any group will certainly find exciting and unique. They even talk about different things you may have never even heard before, from going on long walks deep in the catacombs and attending pasta-making lessons, to having dinner atop the Reichstag building.

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7 Most Popular Group Activities In Europe

Aiming to make team buildings even more memorable, meaningful, fun, and exciting, Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth share seven of the most popular group activities in Europe today, because without these things, a deeper connection with one another cannot be achieved that easily. In fact, these things are not only suited for large group trips but also a family outing. First on the list is having an afternoon team in London, England. As one of the biggest parts of the British tradition, joining such an intimate gathering is truly life-changing. For those who want to make this a bit more exciting and veer away from the traditional style, afternoon tea can also be enjoyed a top of a double-decker bus. Other excellent activities to try in London, England:

  • Attending a British bake-off competition
  • Signing up for a group class at the city academy

Next on the list is an underground trip to the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. Discovering the catacombs hidden beneath the beautiful city of Rome requires about half a day to be accomplished, and that’s why getting a private guided tour is important for you not to get lost. Sure, this may be a bit scary, but think of it as an empowering activity that will help energize your team. Other excellent activities to try in Rome, Italy:

  • Joining a pasta-making class
  • Full immersion to the Italian cuisine

Another exciting group activity is in Madrid, Spain – cooking classes. Here, you can learn how to cook Paella, a traditional rice dish in the country. Furthermore, you can also find out how to put your own spin on cooking Paella, which is useful if anyone in your group has certain dietary restrictions. Other excellent activities to try in Madrid, Spain:

  • A walk in the central park
  • Watching a Real Madrid game
  • Attending flamingo dancing workshops

In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, one of the must-try activities for any group is going on an evening canal tour. This focuses mainly on relaxation, deep connection, and sight-seeing. With their canal system recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010, traveling on water is such a loving experience that will let you see the beauty of the city without having to deal with the crowded streets. Other excellent activities to try in Amsterdam, the Netherlands:

  • Going on a food trip to stay warm
  • Riding bikes around the city

When visiting St. Petersburg, Russia, take note of the historic Mariinsky Theater. Erected in 1860, it’s one of the most famous music theaters of the late 19th century in Russia. What makes the shows here even more special is this is where you can actually buy tickets for a ballet performance. Moving on to Berlin, Germany, one can find the Reichstag Building, which houses the country’s parliament and the seat of the Republic Government until its downfall in 1933 due to Nazi rule. A place rich in history indeed, but it holds one secret. On top of the building is a place reserved for those who want to dine in one of Germany’s most important buildings. But of course, private guided tours about various exhibitions and architecture are always available in the building. Finally, Andy and Todd’s recommendation for the best group activity in Europe today is visiting the kilometer-long quarry underneath the streets of Paris. Because of its sheer size, many people get lost within the catacombs. Though this activity may bit a bit bothering or shocking, getting deep into this activity and seeing the skeletal remains can be a form of self-awareness.

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