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Our Award-Winning Design Team Helps Create The Most Innovative Booth To Attract the Right Audience For Your Brand.

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Our Booth Design Innovations Include:


  • Lead Generation
  • Direct Sales
  • Heat Maps & Smart Glasses
  • Data Collection
  • Pre & Post-Event Surveys

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Innovation is a fundamental part of AMI’s culture, and nowhere is this more visible than in exhibition and trade show services. We provide brand managers, marketing professionals, and sales organizations with the latest in booth design and event activation strategies for your next convention, congress exhibit booth, or trade show.

Booth Design


Collaborating with your team is key to developing the overall trade show and exhibit strategy for your brand’s experience and exhibit booth. Throughout the entire design and development process, we work with you to understand your corporate values, your brand strategy, and the desired vision to be left in the minds of attendees.


We work with multiple exhibition designers and fabricators to propose the latest innovative designs, technologies, and fabrication concepts, providing multiple options while allowing you to develop your vision. We merge the best ideas, first as sketches for multi-concept storyboards and then as 3D renderings.

We also create mood boards that showcase different inspirations architecturally and aesthetically and showcase a variety of materials to help you achieve your desired design outcome. We will provide the latest WOW! Factors such as holographic technologies, 3D modeling, and augmented reality solutions. We will also consider the strategic use of promotional, educational, and conversational lighting based on the booth area.


On-site Exhibit Booth Support Team

With the most culturally diverse workforce in the industry, AMI prides itself on representing your organization in the most important way to you. Our project managers and on-site brand ambassadors are an extension of your team. These team members can assist with attendee flow, data collection, and giveaway management, as well as coordinating private 1:1 encounters with key clients and arranging off-site events to extend the user experience.

Interactive Attendee Engagement is Key

The attendee experience is our core focus every step of the way for your trade show booth. We will provide interactive engagement activities ideas to keep attendees in your booths, such as the use of iPads, touch screens, and interactive video walls. We utilize multiple unique forms of data collection, ensuring you leave with the information you are seeking in the format you require.

Our designers and exhibit booth fabricators will integrate these innovations into the booth design, ensuring the attendee flow, personal interaction, and data collection are one cohesive plan. These can include:

    • Lead Generation–Determined by the number of unique visitors. We can offer a team of developers to connect these leads directly to the client’s CRM by creating a marketing campaign and following the sales revenue throughout the funnel.
    • Direct Sales–Some of our clients sell direct at trade shows, which is also a valuable measure of ROI.
    • Heat Maps & Smart Glasses–We also use innovative technologies to measure which parts of the exhibit guests congregate and the specific areas upon which guests focus their attention. This can be important to measure engagement with certain activations in the space, helping decision-making for future events.
    • Data Collection–AMI provides reliable ambassadors and event specialists to promote your brand while collecting attendee data. Our event greeters, hospitality professionals, and on-site registration teams are experts at creating high-touch experiences with your products and services while collecting invaluable attendee feedback and data and building genuine relationships with customers.
    • Pre and Post-Event Surveys Activations–To measure messaging and how well guests can recall important brand or product features.

    We recognize the time, effort, and planning required to ensure your trade show exhibit accomplishes your marketing goals, whether that means successfully launching a new product, building brand awareness, or meeting new customers while retaining existing ones. AMI will plan, manage and coordinate your end-to-end exhibit booth strategy to ensure you leave a lasting impression at your next convention, congress or trade show.

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