Virtual Talent


AMI’s longtime penchant for sourcing meeting and event talent is exemplified in virtual meetings that showcase the work of expert digital technicians, experienced virtual meeting managers, and talented webcast producers that drive excellence in online meeting production.

Audio Visual Technicians

AV Technicians develop, operate and maintain applications and equipment used to amplify, record and display multimedia sound and imagery to enhance the overall virtual event experience. From video and recording to lighting and sound mixing, our virtual meeting talent deliver holistic presentations that are showcased with the top-notch technical support across teleconferences, webinars and distant-learning events.

Project Meeting Managers

From initial budgeting, planning and scripting to shooting, editing and final broadcasting execution, AMI’s virtual meeting talent solutions start project managers who take responsibility for the entire video production process. They will also assist with the design and development of websites, securing broadcast locations and organizing the full production schedule for the team.

Webcast Producers

Webcast producers perform all production-related tasks to produce a webcast and provide ongoing support to other virtual meeting talent and audio-visual production teams to ensure the highest level of quality in broadcast production. In some cases, webcast producers may also support any post-production editing and distribution of meeting assets and recordings.

Interpreters and Translators

AMI language services are readily available for virtual meeting production, and to support other virtual meeting talent and audio-visual production teams to ensure the highest level of quality in audience participation and engagement.

The Creative Difference

As a trusted AMI partner, Edgefactory delivers award-winning, full-service media production and multi-disciplined creative resources to our live and virtual meetings. Specializing in creative design, and with strict adherence to brand compliance standards, Edgefactory elevates organization brands by adding energy, emotion, and edge to meetings, tradeshows, special events and corporate communications.


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