Virtual Production


AMI consistently leverages expert digital production experts and services to ensure a flawless virtual meeting experience from start to finish. Our clients trust AMI to help them deliver content and engage their audiences for successful meeting outcomes.

AMI ensures delivery success in these and other disciplines to support our clients’ virtual meeting production needs:

Pre-Show Production

Attendee registration, communications, pre-recorded content, creative and branding, platform configuration, connectivity testing, SWOT analysis.

Live Broadcast Management

Day-of production, webcast production, audio and visual engineering, streaming quality control.

Post-Event Production

Creative postproduction delivery of event and presentation materials, on-demand recording availability, data and analytics, platform reconfiguration.


Virtual Attendee Experience

  • Attendee Communications
  • Custom Engagement
  • End-to-end Solutions
  • Reporting & Analytics

Virtual Meeting Technologies

  • Webcast Apps
  • Accessibility
  • Live Streaming
  • Studio Webcasts
  • Virtual Conference Theater

Source Now

  • Project Managers
  • Virtual Talent
  • Virtual Technologies

Virtual Talent

  • Meeting Managers
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Creative Services

Virtual Meeting Types Explained, with AMI CEO Andy McNeill

How Can Various Types of Virtual Meetings Support Your Business?

Discover the key differences between Virtual Collaboration Webinars, Dedicated Virtual Webcasts, and Virtual Conferences and Tradeshows. The experts at American Meetings, Inc. are ready to walk you through these key platforms to present the best solution for you to deliver the best in virtual meeting experiences and guaranteed meeting success.

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AMI Virtual Meetings Solution Digital Packet

The Virtual Meeting Solution provided by AMI ensures attendees have a seamless user experience. When transitioning to a virtual meeting, AMI carefully balances the overall meeting strategy while maintaining best in class, redundant technologies to ensure success.

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AMI Virtual Meetings Simplified

Our Virtual Meeting programs allow our clients the ability to have an integrated strategy that are required to take place in a virtual environment. When transitioning a meeting on-line, we carefully balance the overall strategy while maintaining best in class, redundant technologies to ensure success.

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