July 1, 2021

The AMI Hybrid Meetings Guide

A Hybrid Meetings Primer for your Meetings Portfolio

As we move into a world of post-pandemic meetings, the Hybrid Meeting Model is here to stay. Technology in this area made huge strides over a very short period of time, and it will continue to evolve as the benefits continue to be demonstrated.

These three main hybrid meeting types are being used to meet the majority of event needs. We look at the live component(s), virtual elements, and the likely associated fees to help guide planners to the right solution for a number of hybrid meeting scenarios.

1. Live Meeting with Virtual Components

  • Live Meeting Segment: The client hosts a typical in-person site-based meeting. This includes a host venue (hotel or convention center) with a general session room, meal function space, and breakout session rooms.
  • Virtual Meeting Segment: The client broadcasts a portion of the live meeting to virtual attendees who are participating from their home or office. This allows all stakeholders to participate remotely as needed, with engagement tools such as live questions, surveys, polling, and other immersive functions.
  • Fees: Typical live meeting expenses including ancillary Audio/Visual costs. (The additional expenses for the virtual components are typically an addition to the live meeting A/V costs.)

2. Live Presenters with Virtual Attendees

  • Live Meeting Segment: Presenters are live in a studio or staging location (hotel or corporate office).
  • Virtual Meeting Component: Attendees are remote from their home or office while presenters are broadcasting to attendees. Both live presenter and remote audiences normally interact with each other through the digital platform.
  • Fees: Typical virtual meeting costs with an Audio/Visual (Additional expenses for the live Audio/Visual presentations vary based on the production value of staging and lighting needs.)

3. Virtual Meeting with Remote or Satellite Attendees

  • Live Meeting Segment: Attendees are live in remote satellite locations in smaller groups. Presenters can be live also or virtual remote.
  • Virtual Meeting Component: Presenters broadcast virtually to the attendees, whether they are attending in remote satellite locations or from home/office locations.
  • Fees: This scenario includes virtual webcasting costs plus an Audio/Visual component for each satellite location. (Costs vary based on the size and scope of each location.)

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