Onsite Meeting Sanitation, Safety & Resources: Post-Meeting Checklist – An AMI Guide, Part 3

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A post-meeting checklist is always a good idea, but in today’s meeting and event environment – health and safety are more important than ever. In this video, you’ll learn post-meeting best practices that support the health and safety of your corporate meeting participants as AMI provides you with key insights for checking all those health and safety measures. In addition to tactical opportunities for you to instill post-meeting safety, AMI will have managed your events across cleaner and wider spaces, along with enhanced sanitation in all corporate meeting venues.

Post-Meeting Checklist

Use this checklist to provide guidance post-event to ensure a complete wrap-up of your program.

1. Managing Trash

Determine how to best handle janitorial and trash services in the best way.

2. Clean and Sanitize

Make sure the venue performs a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, then sanitize.

3. Send Evaluations or Surveys

Gain ideas on how you can improve your planning and execution.

4. Drop Ship Thank You Gifts

Consider using a gift service to cut out any additional handling.

5. Conduct Final Debrief

Conduct a post-con with clients, and staff to determine what changes may be needed for the future and to discuss what was successful. Celebrate your success!

We hope you find these tips helpful as you plan your next corporate meeting or event.

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