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Tradeshow Production Case Study

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Tradeshow Production Case Study

Description of Client

Major Retailer of Nutritional Supplements

Event Scope & Size

A series of 10 industry EXPOs that showcase leaders and latest trends in the nutrition industry with attendance of over 100K each. AMI’s client had identified a vendor to create a new booth structure and manage the delivery and storage of varying sized components depending on specification and locations of multiple exhibitions throughout the year. AMI was to revamp the organization’s creative design, technology elements and marketing of the booth.


Annual contract of approximately $1,000,000

The Challenge

Due to downsizing and internal restructuring, the organization determined that they needed to reduce floor space at the EXPOs. Construction of the new booth was 50% complete when the decision was made to bring on a new partner to revamp the marketing and technology strategy. AMI was charged with working closely with the current vendor to determine what change could be influenced at this late construction stage to deliver a high technology marketing approach within a reduced floor space area.


Within one week of contract signing, the AMI project management team flew to Dallas, TX to meet with the booth manufacturer. The team needed to fully understand the path of least resistance to delivering a dynamic, cutting-edge booth experience. AMI and the partner organization sought out two areas within the structure that could be cut out to incorporate plasma video monitors without utilizing additional floor space. AMI and the partner organization also worked together to procure several modular iPad stands that could be easily attached directly to the structure. These were used to gather consumer data as there was limited room for a reception desk and badge readers. AMI also creatively designed a built-in photo booth area and made use of QR codes within the booth design to create an interactive experience.

Result & Impact

Despite the reduction in floor space and floor exposure at the EXPOs the organization saw a 12% increase over prior year in leads generated from each of the shows. AMI has since developed a long-standing relationship with the booth manufacturer and has been able to leverage cost saving for subsequent clients.

Client Measure of Success

The client measures success by tracking in-store conversion of new clients who have signed up at the expos for their membership program. We do this with them over the course of 60 days post program and then provide tracking results showing the per customer acquisition cost.