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Speaker Training Meeting Case Study

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Speaker Training Meeting Case Study

Name of Program:

Speaker Training Meeting Series

Description of Client:

Large pharmaceutical company

The Issue:

The client was preparing for a launch of a new product in the marketplace. They needed to develop a network of 1,000 trained speakers to facilitate the large field level marketing initiative for dinner meetings. The goal was to educate physicians on the product across the United States in a very condensed timeframe. Timelines were tight and AMI was charged with recruiting, planning and executing the initiative in an eight-week timeframe. How can AMI meet such a tight timeline goal while still reaching the target recruitment?

Scope of Program:

AMI was contracted to facilitate the logistics of the Speaker Training initiative. We had a ramp up meeting with the client and the medical education company to develop the overall strategy and the aggressive timeline. AMI was responsible for the following:
  • Secure and contract 4 locations throughout the United States geographically dispersed that could accommodate meetings of 250 participants with breakout capabilities
  • Create collateral design and necessary meeting collateral
  • Develop staging and manage AV requirements
  • Recruit attendee participation
  • Manage all typical logistical components of the meeting
  • Manage air travel for attendees
  • Manage honoraria
  • Provide all reporting/documentation
  • Provide website for online registration, sales representatives reports (recruitment updates online), and all required reports online
  • Budgeting, financial management and financial reconciliation

Role & Outcome:

AMI was able to quickly initiate the programs. Within one week we were able to source and contract approved hotels. We dedicated the appropriate team to ensure that recruitment goals were met, as this was the critical component to ensure the company had enough fully trained, qualified speakers. We utilized a prioritized recruitment approach ensuring adequate distribution of physicians across the country. We recruited using multiple methods including email, fax and phone follow-up. We quickly developed a customized website for the initiative that would be utilized in a variety of ways:
  • Attendees – registration
  • Field Sales Force – to access for physician updates
  • Internal clients – for reporting, monitoring and tracking
  • AMI team – for planning and program management components

We were able to successfully recruit 1,040 physicians from a tiered list of 1,800 physicians in four weeks.