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New Mascot Branding Case Study

Name of Program

The introduction of a new mascot brand to increase conversion

Description of Client

National brand leader in office technology

The Issue

This household name in office technology was a dominant leader in technology services in America. The company had seen immense growth prior to the recession and had an aggressive event marketing strategy. The client had seen stagnation in event conversions with increasingly poor results. The company had a new partner in cloud storage, and was looking to AMI for a solution to convert its leads at technology expos to the immediate online purchase of the cloud solution. What program could AMI implement to take the face-to-face interaction at the large technology shows in which it participated, and encourage the immediate trial purchase of the new cloud product?

Scope of Program

AMI began with a thorough assessment of the current event marketing strategy. AMI quickly found a program that was broken on multiple levels. Because the management of the technology expos had been pushed to the sales force, though lead generation was solid, any post-marketing on current technology products was almost non-existent. Except for key large deals done in the booth, follow-up purchases were not happening. AMI began with complete re-branding of the expo marketing including the development of an activation team that included an on-site manager, 2 mascots and 4 brand team members. Their specific focus was around their new highly profitable cloud product. The goals were to push for the immediate trial purchase of their new cloud service. The two mascots designed were “big puffy clouds” that handed out 90 day no obligation subscriptions to the cloud service. Twelve interactive laptop stations with a brief video explained the power and reliability of the cloud system. It allowed users to quickly fill out a survey about their needs. It concluded with online sign-up for the free 90 day no obligation trial offer of the cloud service. The promotion could be tracked daily across the 40 markets where the expos were being held. With cross-promotion dollars from the strategic partner who owned the cloud service, the marketing cost would actually be less expensive than their current marketing spend.

Role & Outcome

The cloud promotion proved to be a huge success. By focusing on just one highly profitable technology product at the shows, the marketing managers were able to analyze and establish ROI. In addition, having the information real-time through the in-booth sign up, allowed the team to delete future expos that did not perform. This saved significant marketing dollars. The cloud mascots were very well received and were a simple and effective way for attendees to be lured to the booth. Brand team members added traditional Polaroid photo opportunities with the cloud. This, along with the immediate follow-up offer of the no obligation 90 day trials, allowed for signups of 65% of the booth attendees. With over 20,000 new 90 day users of the cloud service, the marketing team could now analyze the new conversion rate to the monthly service subscriptions. The program was such a success, the product partner increased its co-op marketing dollars for the subsequent year, saving the client organization even more money.

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New Mascot Branding Case Study