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National Sales Meeting Case Study

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National Sales Meeting Case Study

Name of Program:

National sales meeting

Description of Client:

The industry leader in heart equipment

The Issue:

The client is the world's leading supplier of mobile cardiac outpatient telemetry and required full-service event planning services for its annual sales meeting. The client provides the next-generation ambulatory cardiac monitoring service with beat-to-beat, real time analysis, automatic arrhythmia detection and wireless ECG transmission. The company and the number two competitor in the heart equipment market merged in December. As with all organizations undergoing reorganization, the integration of the sales force is key to the overall success, and required group meeting planning expertise. The client turned to AMI to provide an immediate assessment of the two currently slated independent national sales meetings, which were scheduled for first quarter of the year. They required AMI to provide a quick and targeted solution for integration. The goal was to bring the two companies together in a positive and constructive atmosphere and to roll¬out some very exciting new clinical data to the sales force. In a 17-center, 300-patient randomized study comparing the clients, MCOT, with LOOP event monitors, the client proved to be nearly three times superior to LOOP event monitors at detecting clinically significant arrhythmias. This would be an industry changing communication. How could the new corporation bring together both teams and set a road map for success?

Scope of Program:

There were three key areas where the company needed strategic guidance. First, the company required AMI’s expertise to minimize disruption amongst the two sales forces by developing a strong communication plan. Next, the company needed to minimize cancellation costs and out of pocket expenses from the two previously planned sales meetings. They engaged AMI for a cost containment solution. Finally, AMI would be required to navigate through the political challenges in managing two competing sales leadership teams, two management teams and two corporate offices – all vying for their own interests. The “New” National Sales Meeting was slated for the third week of January. The meeting required re-branding, revised staging and AV, production realignment, a new location, the re-booking of airline tickets and ground transportation. With less than 45 days to plan and execute a meeting for over 600 attendees, Our strategic meetings team was challenged with the new site selection as well as negotiating out of two hotel contracts at properties. Both existing properties were now too small for the expanded company. Most importantly ground breaking clinical trial data was about to be published and the CEO wanted to communicate this to the entire corporation at the same time. The agenda was significant and required managing comprehensive space requirements. The agenda included practical training exercises and targeted skill-building sessions, which made the program quite unique. Our meeting planning professionals worked with the sales consulting firm to re-organize the program. We created forums and seminars on clinical trial data, fundamental of selling, positioning, prospecting, appointment setting, making effective marketing presentations and overcoming objections.

Role & Outcome:

AMI developed a six-week strategic plan to work with the firm to ensure all third party logistics, travel, branding and execution went flawlessly. The seasoned account team at AMI mobilized and managed the program to success. All stakeholders were pleased with the communication, management and execution of the event. This was a key success due to the internal company dynamics. Re-branding was also a key element for overall success. AMI developed, re-branded and launched a new registration website in four business days. The content and training were re-vamped and AMI re¬negotiated all production and product elements of the program. From a cost containment standpoint, AMI managed to reduce the penalties significantly. While the firm paid $25,000 in penalties, AMI calculated it saved over $55,000 in cancellation fees and attrition from the hotel.