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Creative Cost Savings Case Study

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Creative Cost Savings Case Study

Description of Client

Major Specialty Global Freight & Transportation Organization

Event Scope & Size

AMI was engaged to conduct a sales onboarding for 400 representatives in 4 separate corridors of the US.

Services Rendered

AMI provided local simultaneous webcasts for groups of 100 sales representatives in 4 separate regions of the US.  AMI secured meeting space in each location, managed attendee registration and travel logistics, coordinated webcast technology, developed creative takeaways for each attendee, managed food and beverage needs of the group.


Six figure budget around $250,000.

The Challenge

After executing a 2 week training program, the client organization found that budgets would prohibit them from spending additional travel funds on a 400 person sales onboarding.  The client had an initial vision of using hologram technology to bring the speaker “to life” at strategic locations in the 4 regions; however, that solution was clearly cost-prohibitive.  How could AMI creatively bring this important onboarding to life within the client’s budget parameters?


AMI determined that out-of-the-box creativity would be necessary to generate excitement and fulfill the client’s expectations.  In lieu of flying 400 staff to a central location, we developed a movie premier theme in each four regions of the US – Atlanta, Boston, Houston and Portland.  Attendees received formal invitations with company branding inviting them to this special event.  AMI rented red velvet love seats and procured high-end lap desks with the company logo and used red velvet curtains as a backdrop.  Most importantly, AMI provided simultaneous web-casting from the headquarter location, which allowed appearances by the organization’s CEO and other key stakeholders.

Result & Impact

AMI was able to save the client approximately $2,000 per attendee in direct travel costs  while delivering a program that made each attendee feel welcome and excited about working for the organization.

Client Measure of Success

The client measured success in the per head cost savings of not having to fly the field sales force in to the meeting. This saved the organization a total of $800,000.  The regional strategy was a success and delivered on the number one goal which was cost savings.