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Best Practices Case Study

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Best Practices Case Study

Description of Client

Nationally recognized pioneer of web-based project management and collaboration software to improve project management, communication and collaboration in construction

Event Scope & Size

The client’s target was 1,000 attendees over four days

Services Rendered

AMI was responsible for all aspects of the initiative from conception to post event services. We prepared extensive marketing literature to distribute to the selected target audience, including a promotional conference brochure, registration materials, and HTML e-mails for the recruitment campaign for over 1,000 attendees. AMI was to coordinate staging, lighting, audio; video as well as a schedule of events that not only ensured ample time to relay the launch message to the diverse group, but to also promoted a fun atmosphere with social activities and planned off-site events.


Over $2,000,000

The Challenge

The firm was launching a large upgrade for a current software module. The challenge was to roll this product launch meeting out with their current existing users targeting their specific training and educational needs. Additionally, the firm needed to launch the software to new users that required more intensive training.


AMI’s consultative approach ensured the client launch success and provided great visibility pre, during and post launch. AMI initiated the project with background research and a comprehensive needs analysis of their event planning needs. We examined the marketplace from both an inside (client) and outside (their customers’) perspective. This was accomplished by compiling an online survey for the employees, key customers and a focus group of prospects. Through this feedback, we could gauge levels of knowledge surrounding the existing software product. This information enabled AMI to develop appropriate track training to facilitate the varied needs of the attendees. AMI recognizes that meetings are not cookie cutter and we ensure best model is provided to meet our clients’ needs. Next, site selection – a city, location and time of year – had to be identified that was suited to the national group (with construction projects in various stages of development) at large. AMI leveraged its multi-client relationships with hotel chain National Sales Contacts to negotiate the best pricing and venue options for the programs. Once the selection was finalized, we had a 45-day timeframe to plan and execute the complex initiative. Additionally, the client wished to foster an atmosphere of learning, networking and interaction between the firm, its customers and prospects. The launch meeting was slated to occur over a four and a half day timeframe.

Result & Impact

The visual branding of the event took the launch to another level. AMI succeeded in providing a platform for the launch that was dynamic and energizing. Keynote speakers and unique presentations enhanced the message and motivated the audience. The firm direct measurement was the re-licensing of the upgraded platform, which was a success at 73% of their core client base.

Client Measure of Success

AMI came in under budget with cost savings of over $200,000 on a budget of over $2,000,000.00, and generated over five million in re-licensing fees.