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Advisory Board Case Study

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European KOL advisory Board Case Study

Name of Program:

European KOL advisory board meeting program

Description of Client:

A mid-size biopharmaceutical firm in Phase 3 US Trials

The Issue:

This rapidly growing US-based biopharmaceutical firm was entering the European market at the late stages of drug device development in the US, and required consulting from a Professional event planner organization. The firm focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of therapeutic products for patients with diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Its pipeline includes a device that was completing Phase 3 clinical trials in the United States. The product was being evaluated for its safety and efficacy in the treatment in its specific therapeutic. While the drug device displayed promise, it was an un-proven, phase 3 enterprise. The medical team wanted to begin to develop relationships with the top tier KOLs in Europe and required assistance from a corporate meeting planner with the knowledge of appropriate European physician mix. How could the meeting planning professionals at AMI begin to elicit feedback on their potential blockbuster for a European launch?

Scope of Program:

The goal given to the AMI meeting planning team was to recruit top tier European KOLs to work in an advisory capacity. The client also wanted to create a targeted KOL communication plan with a single point of contact at AMI. This would ensure daily interactions surrounding the KOL development would be more cohesive. AMI’s personal touch coupled with a dynamic online portal would minimize the multi-vendor challenge and ensure continuity and efficiencies when communicating with their top physicians. Once contacted and confirmed, our meeting planning professionals would develop a key KOL plan for Europe including an ongoing series of advisory board meetings and congress activities in Europe. The strategy was to ensure an easier entrance into the European market soon after US/FDA approval.

Approach to Program:

AMI employed a single point of contact, a meeting services professional, guaranteeing a high-touch, personalized experience. If a KOL had a question or needed information, there would be continuity. KOLs are challenged by the multi-vendor model and several firms contacting them on the client’s behalf. With this model, AMI would be able to provide KOLs with quick, efficient solutions and address their needs without delay, providing the highest quality experience. With direct experience in the specific therapeutic area, the team at AMI (who was currently executing the US KOL strategy) researched and developed a list of target European KOLs, and medical institutions to contact and recruit. Over the course of 60 days, AMI exceeded specific milestones from the client securing 90 of the top 110 identified European KOLs. The account team introduced and executed a full-scale initiative including advisory board meetings and congress & convention activities for the product in development.

Role & Outcome:

The successful recruitment of the key KOLs and the impeccable execution of the advisory board meetings and congress activities firmly positioned the company in Europe. The drug, which is in line for approval and submission to the FDA, is now well-positioned for the regulatory and academic scrutiny in the EU. The on-going KOL programs in Europe laid the framework for a defined, clearly developed “Science Strategy Story.” Because of our three-year stellar performance on this initiative as well as several other projects with this client, AMI has been awarded a multi-year master service agreement with the firm.