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Sales Meeting Management

Sales meetings can generate an amazing launch of energy and enthusiasm for your product. Done correctly, they are a great platform for success. Mismanaged and they can be a recipe for disastrous sales results. AMI's successful philosophy around sales meeting management is that we are the engine behind your meetings strategy. Your focus needs to be about your field force and training. We assist in managing all areas of logistics to ensure all areas of your program run smoothly. From the first touch at registration to the coordinating group travel and off-site dinners, we love to provide the support your team needs to be successful.

A sales meeting can be as simple as a regional one day, all the way to a full blown National Sales Meeting Kick-off, but rest assured all of them take planning….lots and lots of planning. At AMI, we've done it all. We can assist you in developing the right plan for you and your budget. We have dozens of schedules and agendas and can recommend ideas from a variety of sales meetings we have done over the years. Need ideas on where to hold your meeting this year? Our free site search service provides you with all of the hottest destinations for the best value. Most importantly, you want to pump up your field force, and educate them at the same time. It's critical that you and your management focus on the core goals of the meeting. We provide all inclusive turn-key national and regional sales meeting planning including: site selection, amenities, agenda, travel, logistics, meeting management and execution.

Sales Meeting Management

Here are some quick tips on how to run a successful sales meeting:

  • Pre-Survey your sales force and ask what challenges they are experiencing and what they want addressed at the meeting
  • Make sure presentations are well prepared and energetic
  • Award successful sales members in front of their peers throughout the meeting
  • Review results of not just the sales force but other departments (i.e. marketing, manufacturing, corporate office etc)
  • Make technology your friend – Find the latest technology that will spring board your sales reps above the competition and train, train, train on it!
  • Don't mistake cost savings with a bad venue. Affordable is great but never at the expense of quality. Know what you are getting before you sign the contract!

Here are 3 Ideas to turn a sales meeting from Wimpy To Wow!

  • Do a training with real life case studies from your sales force
  • Create a TV Studio and Simulcast training into regional break-outs for consistency of training
  • Create an X Company Sales Certification program that reps need to pass by the end of the meeting

A turn-key management strategy allows for the seamless presentation to the sales force and allows management to focus on core objectives at the meeting. We handle all logistics, planning and execution.

Want to focus on sales and not logistics? Give AMI a call today (866) 337-7799 or e-mail us at