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Product launch meetings

Strategic planning for your next big launch

New product and services launches have many moving parts, and proper planning is crucial for targeting customers, creating a sales strategy, training the sales force, developing a distribution strategy and integrating a competitive strategy.

With deep launch experience, AMI provides you strategic guidance on an overall plan and helps you avoid launch pitfalls that reduce ROI and increase sales development time.

As part of your launch, you’ll want to consider external programs that rally sales teams and generate leads and sales, as well as internal programs that train salespeople and internal staff on product and service KSPs, FAQs, company policies, support available and more.

We’re happy to share several best practices that we’ve learned along the way.

5 ways to make product launch meetings more successful

  • Identify target areas for market penetration early and develop launch meeting content with these in mind
  • Integrate competitive research comparisons and data into your event content
  • Base sales strategy and key messaging on consumers benefits, and clearly communicate sales strategy and realistic targets
  • Integrate effective marketing tools and training to motivate and support your team and maximize sales

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